for Brand Creation

We accompany you throughout your journey starting from point zero. Our team of experts will provide you with proposals for the visual identity of your brand, and will assist you with product creation, design and packaging in an attractive and eye-catching modern styles.

for Hookah Industry

Our facility is accommodated with special equipment and machines, necessary for manufacturing and processing tobacco, according to the latest international standards. Our production lines can be characterized as fast, modern, precise and with high production capacity.

Tobacco Preparation
and Flavoring

We prepare tobacco leaves with great care, and then add different and unique flavors, to guarantee the best-finished results.We offer more than 200 flavors such as fruity, flower based aroma, and basic traditional flavors i.e. apple, mint, grape, and other popular flavors consumers enjoy.


We offer product registration, distribution and marketing services to all brands developed at Global Tobacco Factory. Further, we provide consultation services leading to exporting all over the world and means of cooperation with foreign markets in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Your Project

Starts Here

Whatever your ambitions and aspirations might be, we will guide you step by step in all stages of your project, and help you reach your goals.

Starting from visual product identity, going into product creation, ending by examining it by focus groups of specialists, we guarantee you a goal achieving project.

If you desire to create something exceptional in the world of hookah and you are seriously considering building your brand, then contact us and we will provide you with the best solutions to create a unique brand and special mixed flavors that cater to all your tobacco requirements.


Global Tobacco Factory is a family-owned facility located in Madrid, Spain.

The company was established in 2018, however, the family’s business ventures date back to 2004 when the founding brothers entered the business world and began investing in various sectors such as wholesale and retail, real estate, tourism, and trading in global stock exchange market.

A Summary of

Our Products


All of our flavors are extracted from natural oils, so you can enjoy delicious and natural flavors on every inhale and exhale that feeling the fruit freshness.

Unique Taste
Real Effect

We guarantee you an unforgettable experience, full of freshness and exotic


Enjoyable smoking and rich flavors with long-lasting effects that give you a taste that lasts for more and more.

and Cutting

For the process of flavoring and cutting tobacco, we combine our long expertise with modern technology and apply it to our production.

Packaging and
Sizing Options

We carry a variety of different packaging options because we believe that customers prefer multiple and easy-to-use choices.

E-Liquids & Vapes

Derived from our belief in creativity, innovation, and expertise, we present our services in manufacturing electronic cigarette liquids in a variety of flavors with 0% nicotine.

Experience our unique products and discover more than 60 flavors you can enjoy while smoking e-cigarettes.

We also offer e-liquids with private labels.