Our services

Solutions for Brand Creation

We accompany you on your journey and start with you from scratch. Our team of experts will provide you with proposals for the visual identity of your brand, and will help with creating the design and packaging of your products in attractive and eye-catching styles.

Tobacco for Hookah Industry

Our facility is accommodated with special equipment and machines, necessary for manufacturing and processing tobacco, according to the latest international standards. Our production lines can be characterized as fast, modern, and very precise, with high production capacities.

Tobacco production is considered a complex industry, for that reason we undertake all stages of manufacturing and production, and work hard to successfully overcome all the difficulties that we might face.

Our specialized experts professionally supervise the process with utmost attention and accuracy.

Tobacco preparation and flavoring

We prepare tobacco leaves with great care, and then add different and unique flavors, to guarantee the best-finished results.

We offer more than 200 flavors such as fruits, flowers, and basic flavors like apple, mint, grape, and other popular flavors people enjoy. In addition to unique tropical flavors that are distinctively special in the tobacco world.

We can create and compound innovative and exclusive flavors on demand to suit all tastes, and grant your product new features, as well as keep up with the hookah lovers’ needs.

Tobacco Trade

We distribute our products all over the world and cooperate with foreign markets in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. We also secure them until they reach their warehouses.

Your Project Starts Here

Whatever your ambitions and aspirations might be, we will guide you step by step in all stages of your project, and help you reach your dreams.

Starting from the visual identity, and building your brand, to examine the project by specialists to guarantee achieving your goals.

If you desire to create something exceptional in the world of hookah and you are seriously considering building your brand, then contact us and we will provide the best solutions to create a new brand and unique flavors that cater to all your tobacco requirements.

Our services include manufacturing and trading of various tobacco products and accessories:

● Tobacco
● E-Liquid
● Charcoal
● Flavors
● Hookahs
● Hookahs Accessories