A Message From The Founder

Global Tobacco Factory establishment dates back to 2018, in Madrid, Spain. Founded by a businessman, who leads expertise in many different sectors, and who has a great passion and experience regarding the tobacco for hookahs industry.

The key factors of our company’s competence lie in the team’s skills and our founder’s certainty of success.

We draw our competitive advantage from successfully balancing between quality and prices.

Our continuous research and extensive experience in the tobacco for hookahs industry enabled us to provide high-quality products to our customers at competitive prices.

GTF believes in the importance of capital, which we consider a crucial aspect of our success, and an integral part of what drives our team of multiple backgrounds and cultures to enhance the quality of our products.

We appreciate your trust, and we thank you for cooperating with us to produce tobacco on a global level.

We would be happy to help you add a modern and prestigious mark to your brand.

For more information or assistance, you can contact me on my email:


Ahmed Al Yamani

CEO and Founder

Who Are We

International Tobacco Factory is a family-owned facility in Madrid, Spain.

The company was established in 2018, however, the family’s business ventures date back to 2004 when the founding brothers entered the business world and began investing in various industries such as wholesale and retail, real estate, tourism, and trading in the global stock exchange market.

The family decided to start producing tobacco for hookahs in Spain after conducting extensive market research and concluding the market’s need for this product.

The company later obtained an investment license for all projects related to the manufacturing of tobacco for hookahs, charcoal, and hookahs accessories.

Our experience in multiple sectors and long-term investments across many industries, have allowed us to flexibly work on our various projects and enabled us to produce private label products for clients who are looking for a hassle-free manufacturing process.

Our experienced team is ready to assist you to reach top levels in your brand and help you place your unique mark and name in the world of hookahs. All of these procedures will not only help keep track of the global market demands but will also meet the requirements of different markets according to their own needs.

What distinguishes us the most is that we run and produce high-quality tobacco for hookahs, managed by a specialized team, exceptionally talented, each in their respective fields, who are ready to help you develop your brand in tobacco, and elevate it to exceed your aspirations.

If you are considering creating your brand, and entering the world of producing tobacco for hookahs, but you are confused as to where to start, all you have to do is contact us and we will provide professional solutions and plans crafted by our specialized team to help you reach your goals.

Our Vision

We aspire to become pioneers in the field of tobacco manufacturing and trading. We also strive to continue providing excellent products with exceptional standards and to keep introducing innovative ideas that will contribute to advancing the tobacco industry to meet all global requirements.

Our Mission

Our work is based on decisive strategies and plans to help us reach a prominent position among competing companies, and to overcome all the difficulties and challenges we might face. We also strive to satisfy all smokers by constantly offering high-quality and innovative flavors.

Our Values

We are committed to the principles of integrity, and the standards of credibility when communicating with our clients.

A Glimpse into the History of Tobacco

The history of tobacco cultivation dates back to several decades and centuries when it was used by the indigenous people of America to soothe aches and relieve pain. And later it spread globally and became a social phenomenon among different groups of society, and a habit related to late-night hangs and youth gatherings.